You Wash Your Face with What ?!? Part 2

Today, I am going to get a little more in-depth with how I now care for my face, and the different ways you can do this, both with Red Lemon products, or using things around your house.

First off, I am going to need to explain something. I get asked a lot why I don’t sell a soap-based face wash. I do sell soap products, but not for the face. Why? Well…… … More You Wash Your Face with What ?!? Part 2

You Wash Your Face with What?! Part 1

For years I struggled with acne. I know the pain of trying every product on the market, buying each one with the desperate hope that this, THIS, is the finally going to be the thing that makes my clear-face-dreams come true. And every time? I was disappointed. How could there not be a product out there that worked for me? I’d tried drug stores, high end boutiques, TV orders, everything! Was I doomed to plaster my face with makeup and be afraid to swim in public for the rest of my life? … More You Wash Your Face with What?! Part 1

Hair Me ROAR!!!!!

Natural hair care. Le sigh. In my quest to get back to basics and live a more natural life, I’ve found the hair care department to be the very most difficult area to perfect. I have had a small advantage while formulating my natural hair care products though; my saint of a Mother is actually a retired Hairdresser and a current adorable / crunchy grandmother. Momsie not only understands hair and how to make it look great, but she also appreciates the need to find effective, synthetic-free products so that we can sustain healthy hair for the long term. The healthier your hair is, the easier it becomes to care for. Now, that is a great cycle to get into! … More Hair Me ROAR!!!!!