Mustache Wax is Weird.

Happy brutal bearded man in the garden with juicy ripe watermelon

Mustache wax is weird. Well, sort of. The first time my husband opened a fresh tin of hard mustache wax, he almost broke his finger. Oh, it looks nice and creamy, but this stuff is soft like a rock. Jason, being a notoriously strong Viking-man, pushed his finger into the wax with all his might, yet he STILL couldn’t penetrate the stash-wax barrier. We both were SO confused!!!

After looking at each other and sharing an awkward ‘huh’ moment, we decided to get on the web and look this up. It was just too weird to pass by…lol. We learned that super hardness is totally normal for mustache waxes. In fact, it’s actually the sign of a good one.


Nailed It.

I know. If stache wax is so hard, then how are you supposed to use it?! Well, most men will scrape off some wax with the back of their thumbnail and then roll it between their two index fingers to warm it up. Once it has warmed and softened a bit, you can then start applying it to your stache.

Alternately, some men like to quickly blow the top of their wax with a blowdryer to soften it up a bit, then push their finger in. This may take a bit of practice and playing around with. For example, if you need some SERIOUS hold, then warm wax might not cut it. On the flip side, if you prefer a more natural look, then warmed wax will blend into the hair better. It really comes down to your personal preference and the look that you are trying to achieve.


Handlebar me this…

So. You’ve grown the stash, you’ve got the wax, and now you even know how to get it out without breaking a finger… now what?

Well, you’ll need to decide what look you want to go for. A cool pointed look? A natural, cleaned-up look? A ‘just something that will hold the bloody hair out of my way so I can eat’ look?! lol No problem!

For a pointed look, scratch some wax off and warm it up with your fingers. Start by applying it near the center and then work it out towards the ends. Using a mustache comb is helpful for working the wax in more quickly. Just comb down and outward away from the mouth, on each side. Then use your fingers to twist the hair near the ends to point them how you like. If you make weird faces/noises, you’ll probably have better results.

For a full-on Handlebar look, you’re going to need more product. Scratch off some wax, roll it in your fingers, and work it into your stache. As you work it in, twist the edge hairs up and around until you’ve gotten the look you’re going for. Try grabbing the hairs closer to the roots to avoid pulling any of them out. You may need to add more wax as you go, especially to the ends, until you’ve reached a good hold. The final step is to take a selfie.

AdobeStock_74668219 (1).jpeg

Au Naturelle

Now, if you are looking for a more natural look, you can just briefly warm up your wax with a blowdryer before digging your finger in. Apply a smaller amount, starting in the middle and working your way out. Using a mustache comb to work in the wax is an excellent idea for this method. To make the wax less noticeable,  you can blowdry your stache on high-heat/low-speed for a few seconds to help the wax melt into the hair better. Blow in the direction away from your mouth while using you fingers to pull the hair up and away from the mouth as well. If you do this, then always finish with a blast of cold air to lock the wax into shape.

Size Doesn’t Matter

Mustache wax is not just for super long staches with highly stylized looks. Using wax is just useful. It helps keep the hair out of your way when you eat and will actually train your mustache to grow in the right direction. It only takes a few quick minutes of work, but you can really polish up your look. Would you leave the house without giving your hair a quick comb? Well, I say that your glorious stache deserves the same courtesy!

Supply and Demand

So play around with your stache. Experiment with what works best for you, and have fun! If you are looking for a great wax, The Badass Gentleman has an awesome one. We also just stocked some premium, handmade Mustache combs, made by Kent. These fine-toothed instruments are professional-grade and will last you years to come


Keep Calm and Stache On…

So in closing, good sir, we bid you happy waxingstache-ing, eugh…..whatever doing this is supposed to be called.

And we collectively commend your stiff upper lip.


Check out our shop for more info on our Badass products 🙂


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