Hog Hair for Your Face: All the Cool Kids are Doing it.

Strict businessman

As the glorious beard returns to its deserved place in the spotlight, men all around are ditching their razor for a killer face-mane. At Red Lemon, we are very pleased to see this change.

A good beard is not only shmexy, but also bestows a look of confidence and authority. A man with a good beard is usually viewed as strong, protective and wise. And rightfully so.

But you can’t escape the fact that a messy, unkempt beard is almost worse than no beard at all! When a man lets his Chin-curtains grow damaged, all majesty is lost. What an avoidable travesty….

So here are a few simple ways to keep your Face-crown looking its best.

this one

Wash it down.

The first step to beard maintenance is a good wash routine. Some men use shampoo/conditioner in the shower. But for the best results, we’re going to recommend using a product that’s specifically designed for beards. There are several on the market. We love the Badass Gentleman’s Beard Shampoo Bar. This product is all natural, made with GMO-free, sustainably farmed oils, and scented with a proprietary blend of essential oils that just might have come from Heaven itself. With it’s high-lather formula, this product is sure to satisfy!

The benefit to using this type of shampoo bar is that it washes your beard gently and without residue, while also addressing the condition of the skin underneath. The complete package.

For more info on our Beard Shampoo Bar, check out our blog,Your Beard does not have Poop in it. 



The next essential beard care step is using a high-quality Beard oil. Think of your oil as a beard conditioner, meant to soften, nourish and protect your facial locks. When looking for a Beard oil, I’d stick to ones that are synthetic-free, as synthetics will damage and eventually fry your beard. Look for a natural, oil based formula.

It’s good to know that not all oils are the same in terms of greasy-ness and hair follicle penetration. Some higher end oils that we recommend are jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, camellia seed oil and safflower seed oil, to name a few. These oils all have a satin finish and an effective penetration rate.

Our Badass Gentleman Beard oils are made mainly with Jojoba and Camellia oil. They are lightly infused with Rosehips to strengthen hair and protect against split ends. They also come in the choice of 3 manly scents, with an alternate unscented option also available.

To use a beard oil, put 5-15 drops of oil in your palm and rub your hands together. Massage oil into your beard and face. For even distribution, we suggest brushing oil through with a genuine boar-hair beard brush.


Brush up

As stated above, the third part of this beard-perfection trifecta is using a genuine, boar-bristled Beard Brush. Why ‘Boars’ hair? Well, the surface of each boar bristle is naturally scaly and porous. These bristles can whisk away dust and dirt. They’re also great at catching hair and styling, which keeps your beard looking neat and tidy. But most of all, they can carry beard oil and help to evenly distribute it along each and every strand. When you can evenly coat each hair, your beard will stay soft, healthy, and better protected.

Always brush your beard in the direction of growth. We recommend brushing daily, as it stimulates new beard growth and encourages whiskers to grow in the same direction.

A high-quality boar brush is essential for proper beard grooming and will likely last for years to come. You’ll be amazed by how soft your beard will get. Oil or balm alone can only bring you halfway to Beard-king status. If you are a serious beard grower, you will need a serious grooming tool like this.

On-Ward and Out-ward

So, keep growing that beast. But also, keep it clean, neat, and healthy. And may you, in a few years time, be able to look back and say,

“I did not truly grow a beard. But rather, my beard grew a man.”

Man walking in a street

We bid you good grooming.

Come check out our online shop for more Badass Gentleman Products! http://www.red-lemon.ca



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